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  We are very familiar with the glass partition, our office is basically installed with this partition, why? Because the partition can not only have its own space, but also beautify the indoor environment, so the majority of people are in favor of it and choose to install it.
  1. Practicability
  Whether it is stainless steel glass partition, aluminum magnesium alloy glass partition and other popular office partition decoration, or gradually withdraw from the historical stage of gypsum board partition, are the partition of office business space, so as to obtain better and more appropriate use. Of course, in addition to practical and safe office partition decoration, people are still pursuing environmental protection, beauty, fashion and high cost performance.
  2. Protect the walls
  The interior wall decoration of the building is the same as the exterior wall decoration, and usually has the function of protecting the wall. The decoration of interior wall can avoid the direct invasion of external unfavorable factors on the wall. In some key parts, corresponding structural measures should be taken. For rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens, bathrooms and bathrooms, waterproof finishes are required to protect the walls from humidity; due to the large flow of people, corridors, aisles and corridors need to be on both sides of the appropriate height, and the outer corners of the inner walls are usually protected by protective corners. Finished partition wall: double glass shutter partition wall.
  3. Beautify indoor environment
  The interior wall decoration can play the role of decorating and beautifying the indoor environment in different degrees. The higher the level and decoration level of the building, the more obvious the effect.
  Because most of the interior walls are close observation, and may even be in direct contact with the human body, so the interior wall decoration should choose some decorative materials with good texture and strong touch. In addition, interior wall decoration is different from exterior wall decoration. It emphasizes the comprehensive effect of floor and roof finishes, furniture, lamps and other furniture combinations. Therefore, when choosing the structure, texture and color of interior wall decoration, we should consider comprehensively.
  4. Meet the use requirements
  Glass partition in order to ensure people's normal study, work and life in the room, the interior wall of the room should be kept clean and have good reflection, so that the indoor brightness is relatively uniform, and the end away from the window will not cause too dark light. Because the wall itself can not meet these requirements, the interior wall needs to be decorated to make up for this deficiency. For example, plastering and spraying white mortar on the surface of brick walls are common means to ensure the basic service conditions of the room.